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Information Technology Services

• Hardware and Software installation; maintenance, troubleshooting and repair on multiple platforms. Build and configure new PC/Servers with multiple platforms and environments.

• Developing, supporting and maintaining user account information. Providing internal user support. Knowledge of programming user database, login in a secure environment in several computer based languages.

• Operating System administration and support for: Windows  XP, Vista, Windows 7,  Server 2003, 2008 and advanced server, AS/400, FreeBSD, Red-Hat Linux and UNIX platforms in secure IIS environments. Setup and update anti-virus, firewalls and IP-Chains for current protection against hackers and viruses.

• Platform migrations, upgrades, backups, methodologies and processes. Moving hard-drives or data removal from damaged drives. Backing up databases nightly to protect from data loss. Setting up systems in RAID configurations to protect from data loss and down time.

• Comprehensive knowledge of network administration, technology and TCP/IP stacks. Working knowledge of Cisco, Juniper and Novell Routers, Switches and Hubs. Configuring and administration of machines setup in; cluster, direct cable, single & multiple ports and wireless. Configuration of router firewalls for extra security against hackers.

• Programming languages; C, Basic, OOP, PHP, HTML, DHTML, JAVA, PERL, SQL, Internet and Intranet oriented programming for; business and personal sites, development applications, ecommerce, and databases on multiple platforms in Windows and Unix environments. Develop new programs to suit the needs of the client and standards of the company. Setup or Read pseudo-code charts for programming. Experience developing both front ends and user-friendly web-based administration systems.

• Web servers and Application servers; Setup new machines and support software and helper applications such as Apache, Perl, Tomcat and Telnet. Security; IP-chains, software and hardware firewall configuration and administration. Configuration of Apache on multiple platforms to serve web oriented information and applications. File Transfer Protocol setup via programs and command line. Backup of web applications files to protect from loss or downtime.

• SQL programming and administration in Windows and UNIX platforms. Setting up access from the internet, intranet. Coding error checking when writing to tables so they are less likely to fragment and need repaired. Setting up session cookies so those that don’t belong will not be able to access the database with out proper authorization.

Up dated 2011
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